Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Present:Hope Tour Day 5

We have biked 186 miles in the last 2 days. For me, today was the day reality set in- we still have a long way to go. We all kind of take turns sharing a thought for the day. Yesterday was our 101-mile ride and I shared about being present in pain. How appropriate.
At my yoga studio, my instructor often uses the phrase- be present. I love yoga because it gives you this mini world to practice your attitude so you can get it right when you're out in the rest of the world. So you get to yoga and decide- in this next hour I'm going to be present and receive the full benefits. When you hit a posture that feels uncomfortable, you lean in to the pain slightly and then you will see growth. If you pull pack from the discomfort, you will never see growth.
This same concept is true with biking. Going up the 16% grade hill we hit yesterday was painful. But the benefits I receive from pushing through that pain is stronger legs, lungs and heart. My body is stronger, and so is my inner core of resolve. I am now standing at the top of something I looked up at from the bottom and didn't know if I could do.
Both of these physical lessons apply in the spiritual realm. The pain we experience throughout our lives is reaping for us benefits. It keeps building that inner core of resolve but mostly it produces in us the character of Christ. He became a person that was so willing to be present in pain that he was able to give his life for others. The good news about this pain that we all will or have already experienced is that we never have to go at it alone. He promises over and over to be with us always.
My mantra from this thought and from Pastor Aaron's video from St. Paul's has become "keep climbing."

We got on our bikes yesterday and rode 101 miles with 4600 ft. elevation gain. It was tough, it was painful, but we persevered. Started out the first 20 miles with my buddy Paul. Finished out the day with the fearsome five-some. So proud of my crew. It was the most difficult ride I've done but hands down the most fun.

1st pic- my 101 mile crew. Ya budddy!
2nd pic- the view from the top of the hardest hill I've ever climbed.
3rd pic- "the best part of waking up is Iced Via in my cup"

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