Friday, October 24, 2008

fall is here and so is all of 318!

fall in texas is interesting. you really, really hope for the cool, crisp weather that fall is known for. you dress in the mornings for a cool 55 degree day, light scarf, boots, and hot coffee. then by noon, you're windows are down while you're sipping an iced chai. that's ok. here's why- january, february, march and april. a wintery white december would be nice, but when the 4 months following Christmas come along and you're not scraping windows or blowing snow or freezing your butt off, it's totally worth it. besides, winter is what colorado is for. you just go once a year and drudge along in knee-deep snow with 20 degree weather and then you go back home.
if you do need a healthy dose of fall, you just go over to andrea and justin's where she has decorated the house with fall foliage and the scent of cinnamon and pumpkin waft from the kitchen as she's baking fresh pumpkin coffee cake. besides, texas is the place to be right now. welcome new 318 texans---[jake.carrie.annika]

you can't see annika, but her toys and boppy in the picture proves her presence.
happy fall to all!